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Full service and installation of commercial systems, off site monitoring with two way speech facilities to deter trespassers on your site by a verbal announcements. remote monitoring can be triggered by external movement sensors. Automatic DOME cameras that can be programmed to do a site tour with full pan/tilt and zoom facilities. Major improvements have been made in the CCTV industry which has lead to improved picture quality, and with the introduction of digital hard disk recorders together with high speed locally programmed camera's which can tour a site invisibly and have the ability to send these pictures to our remote monitoring station, this allows clients to protect their staff, buildings and profit, without interrupting their day today business

Analogue CCTV Systems

There is no doubt that an IP CCTV system will give a much higher resolution picture with better detail than a standard analogue system. There are still thousands of analogue CCTV cameras installed across the country and while many businesses are choosing to upgrade to IP CCTV there is still a role for modern analogue CCTV.

Analogue CCTV systems are reliable and offer good value for money. Plus specialised analogue cameras can offer advantages over IP in certain environments.

Analogue cameras can also be incorporated into ‘hybrid’ solutions. A hybrid CCTV system can record both analogue and IP cameras on the same recorder. A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) will convert the incoming video signal from the cameras to digital, compress it and then record images to a hard drive. We will advise you on the range Digital Recording and Connectivity options to meet your security system requirements.

An Analogue system is straight-forward to install using standard coaxial cable and without the need for the involvement of IT or Network departments.

We are highly experienced in both IP and analogue CCTV and as a truly independent company we will provide expert unbiased advice on the systems that will best meet all of your operational cost requirements.

We provide a broad range of analogue security cameras including Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) and PTZ Dome Cameras and Static Cameras.


IP Network Cameras

Transmitting and storing CCTV images using the IP protocol widely used on computer networks is the basis of IP CCTV. It is a technology that brings integration and infrastructure advantages over legacy analogue CCTV systems that rely on dedicated coaxial cabling systems. IP CCTV can offer a number of benefits over analogue systems, including greater flexibility, enhanced performance and easier installation.

Benefits of IP CCTV:

  • Flexibility - IP CCTV systems do not require local recording, they can transmit images across local or wide area networks and the Internet to a central location. IP CCTV cameras can be viewed and controlled by remote devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops
  • Image quality – IP CCTV offers superior image quality with Megapixel resolution, meaning that even in low light faces are identifiable and the images are crystal clear. A single IP CCTV camera can cover the area of several traditional cameras
  • Cost effective - IP CCTV in the long term is much more cost effective than traditional analogue cameras. Initial deployment is easier and it can be continuously upgraded with ease as the software becomes more sophisticated
  • Easier installation - IP CCTV systems can run over existing wired or wireless IP networks. This means installation of IP CCTV systems can be installed with less disruption and reduce installation time. IP CCTV cameras use a single cable for camera control, data, audio and power
  • Integration – IP CCTV can be integrated with other security applications and IT systems to provide centralised building management control. Data from other security devices and from business systems can be directly associated with IP CCTV images to provide a comprehensive to provide full ‘situational awareness’

As an independent specialist we install and support a wide range of IP CCTV products from leading manufacturers including: Avigilon, March Networks, 360 Vision Technology and VideoIQ

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Access Control Systems

Access Control

We have the full expertise for all of your access control problems from the original survey through the installation and full maintenance cover. All systems are available from the simple one door entrance point, through to the most comprehensive computer based multi access system that can accommodate hundreds of users, each of which can be individually deleted on their removal from the payroll. The need to control and monitor persons or vehicles entering and leaving your premises is ever more pressing. From a simple one door entry point limiting access, to a complex computer based site management system which can keep information as to who has entered, at what time, and at which entrance point, this information can also be monitored at our 24 hour control room who can allow access to staff in out of hours situations after confirmation of their identity.

Access Control Access Control
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Security Services


Whatever the crime, whatever loss, no company can fully protect itself from crime nor can it be immune from its effects. Everyone feels the effects of crime either directly, perhaps measured in financial loss, or indirectly by an incalculable effect upon the business. Indirect repercussion costs are sometimes more damaging to the business than the crime itself, commercial loss and employee dissatisfaction are additional negative crime factors, which inevitably will impact the business and thereby further reduce business cohesion and profit.

New products and technologies have evolved to further enhance the opportunity for companies to protect their business and assets from crime.

Harrison’s Fire and security is a company who, by understanding the principles of threat and risk assessment, combined with the desire to deliver the best quality installations, have achieved a reputation for providing cost effective, high quality security solutions. Technical Excellence, Integrity and Enthusiasm.

All our staff are high calibre professionals who provide excellence and integrity in everything they do. Add to our technical expertise, independent thought, a total commitment to deliver all of our clients’ security requirements and commitment to addressing your problems directly until the solution emerges.

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Mechanical services



The mechanical team at Harrisons are well versed in carrying out a large array of general plumbing and heating works. The following list highlights the majority of the elements which we carry out on a daily basis.

  • General plumbing works
  • Boiler, servicing, maintenance, breakdown & Installation
  • Design and Build
  • Supply and installation of Sanitryware
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Heating and cooling
  • Air Handling Units
  • Ventilation
  • Fault finding and rectification
  • Instant hot water solutions

If you would like something that isn’t listed above as we would most likely still be able to cater for your requirements.

Please call Darren or Phil to discuss any of your requirements on 01767 600259 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Meet The Team

Whatever you question, we are here to help. Please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.  

  • Managing Director – Malcolm Harrison
  • Director - Cheryl Harrison
  • Financial & Legal Liaison Manager – Daniel Harrison
  • Electrical Manager – Sam Green
  • Financial & Accounts Manager – Kenny Harrison
  • Contracts Manager, Electrical – Johnathan Harrison
  • Security Manager - Ross Snooks
  • Mechanical Manager – Darren Leigh
  • Build Manager – Paul Wheeler
  • Contracts Manager, Mechanical – Phil Chester
  • Nicky Richards – Accounts Supervisor
  • Tysha Howes – Administrator
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Thank You For Contacting Harrisons Electrical Services

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This is usually the same day.

If the nature of your enquiry is urgent then please call 01767 600259

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Client Testimonial

On behalf of SEPT Estates I would like to offer my thanks for the way your company responded to the flooding difficulties on the 4th Floor of Charter House.

Particular mention to Matthew, Nick and Bradley suitably supported by Jono and Darren. Without their efforts (and attitude) we would not have re-occupied this area yesterday.


Team Leader for South East Partnership Trust NHS
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 10:25


Client testimonial

The rebuild handed over on time with zero defects.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your assistance in achieving this result. Obviously, we would not have managed this result without the dedication and team spirit of all your operatives who took part. Will you please pass on my thanks to all of them and say it was a pleasure working with them.

Thank you

Site Manager for Kiers
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